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About us
 TDS Financial Group provides a range of financial services, real estate services, technologies services and agro development companies.


What do you charge and how often do you bill?
Our initial consultation is free; upon agreement to use our service; our fee is 1000/5000/10000/20000 per annum. Invoices are mailed monthly and include the nature of the charge. A monthly / quarterly / half yearly / yearly fee can be quoted for a package of services.


Can I use a credit card to pay my fees / bill and if so, which ones? 
We accept Master card and Visa.


Do you charge for transportation? 
We don’t charge for to and from regularly scheduled weekly appointments. We do charge if the trip is related to client requests/service such as doctors’ or personal appointments, shopping or visits to local social service agencies and Social Security.


What is your experience and do you provide references? 
References will be provided upon request and with prior notification/permission from the reference.


Do you work in retirement/assisted living communities? 
We will work with any and all alternative living facilities and communities.


What areas do you serve? 
We service over the metro cities as well as our located branch.   Additional locations will be considered on a case by case basis.


Are you insured and bonded? 
Yes.  And we conduct criminal background and credit check of all staff.


Are you a member of any professional organizations? 
We are members of the Maratha Chambers of Commerce in India.


What specialties to do you have and training have you received?
Experience covers 10 years in financial management, including performance measurement systems, due diligence, strategic planning, and value-based management. ...Critical skill sets include project management, process improvement, and strategic business analysis. Diverse background in several sectors - private companies, public companies, government, nonprofit's, and educational. Educational background includes some of the best training in the World.


Do you charge for initial visits? 
No. There is no charge for initial consultations or intake interviews.


How do services get started? 
To start our services please call Professional Management Services for TDS Financial Group at 1800-833-9911 or fill out contact us form. We will arrange an initial no-charge consultation. Services generally will begin as soon as you want.  We can answer any and all questions you may have during this initial consultation.


Is there a minimum contract period for service?
No. However, for appointments involving over one hour of transportation time, a two hour slot is the minimum at the hourly rate.


What if I wish to cancel my services?
Services provided by Professional Management Services for clients can be cancelled at any time.


How is my privacy maintained?
Your information is kept strictly confidential. Only Professional Management Services by TDS Financial Group personnel directly involved with your account will have access to your information. Professional Management Services by TDS Financial Group does not sell information to any 3rd party or affiliates.


All federal and state guidelines relevant to the privacy of personal and healthcare information are followed. This begins on the first day of service. The service agreement clarifies any restrictions on the use of your information. Unauthorized family members will not have access without the client’s or legally authorized representative’s formal consent.