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Business Associate

  • What is a Business Associate?
    A person can associate with credence in two ways :
    Firstly as a consultant and secondly by becoming a Business Associate essentially a consultant is a professionally qualified one man army having its own infrastructure (may be working from home). The infrastructure essentially includes computer, broadband connection, and telephone.

    A Business Associate is a person having a well established infrastructure and having a team of developing business with him/her. A business Associate may act as a HUB to which employees and consultants report to and seek guidance from him.
  • Who can become a Consultant?
    • If you are a graduate in any field. MBA will be an added advantage.
    • Have excellent written and verbal communication. Fluency in English is a must
    • Can work 4-8 hrs a day from home.
    • Have working knowledge of computers.
    • Have computer, broad band & telephone at home.
  • Who can become a Business Associate?
    • Graduates, preferably an MBA.
    • Possess excellent communication.
    • Has office space or can acquire one.
    • Sound financial background.
    • Ready to work fulltime.
    • Open to learning.
  • Join the fastest growing company
    TDS India Group is a company which aims at helping professional like you to • People
    • Technology
    • Databases
    • Industry Contacts
  • Getting the right people We at TDS India Group, realize the importance of getting the right people. A company is nothing but a summation of its constituents & hence there is a strong focus on people at the initial stage. The Business Associate selection is key to success & every effort is made to get people with the right attitude and skills.
    TIG, a company having all India presence, with a global ambition.
    • Tie ups with top notch companies in the financial, insurance, banking, FMCG, BPO, IT, hospitality, and etc. industry.
    • Having presence in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai etc.
    • Described as amongst the best and the fastest growing in the Outsourcing business today.
    • TIG does more than 100 business associates a month across its various locations and offices.
    • TIG boasts of having world class systems & processes to cater to the demands of its customers.

Support From Us

  • The Company agrees to support the Business Associate in the following areas:
    Technical support for organizing and setting up of the Business Associate operations ie., The persons authorized by the Company will extend all possible assistance to the Business Associate during the starting of the operations in areas like infrastructure, Layout, Staffing, marketing, administrative set-up etc., (The Business Associate will agree to bear the Travel, Hotel and living expenses of company's Staff who are deputed for such assistance to the Business Associate).

    The Company shall provide the Business Associate with the technical Know How in Organizing of conduct of sales and marketing strategy, setting up client relationships, consultant reports & working on databases.

    The Company shall assist the Business Associate in the selling, marketing and refresher training for Consultants either at Business Associate premises or at Company's Premises (Cost of transport, lodging, and boarding of Company's Faculty to be borne by Business Associate) and if at Company's Premises then cost of lodging and boarding of Business Associate faculty to be borne by Business Associate.

    The Company shall permit the Business Associate to use TDS India Group name, for publicity and display a signboard of TS India Group in the manner given by the Company along with the logo and design as it appears at the Company's Premises, if local laws require the inclusion of local language in the signboard, then such art copy should be submitted for approval by the Company. The Business Associate agrees to take all possible measures to protect the goodwill and Brand name of the Company at all times.

    The Company May procure Centralized databases if required after mutual consultation on a cost sharing basis between Company and Business Associate for development/improvement of the business. (This will be apart from the regular procurement of databases which the Business Associate has to undertake at his own expense).

    Prospectus and brochures will be printed by the Company and distributed to Business Associate at the actual production cost.

    Email ids will be procured by the Company and given to Business Associate at the actual cost.